Safely Removing Trees Or Overhanging Limbs From Your Property

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Anytime you have to remove a tree or overhead limbs on your property, you need to make sure you can do it safely. There are so many things that could go wrong that you might not see at first, so taking the time to look around is important. In many cases, the only way to do the job right is with equipment you may not have. If this is the case on your property, you should consider hiring a professional tree service to come to take care of the tree for you.

Removing A Tree For Safety

Trees make a yard look nice. They provide shade in the summer and look great with your landscaping, but what happens if the tree is dying or dead and has the potential to damage something if it falls? You may have to remove the tree, and if it is in a spot that is hard to get to or may fall on a building or wires when it is cut, the whole project can become very scary. The reason for taking it down in the first place is so it won't damage anything, but how do you do that and not cause any damage in the process? Hiring a tree service to come and remove the tree is the best solution.

Sizing Up The Job

Before you settle on one contractor to remove the tree from your property, it is a good idea to have several tree removal services come out and give you an estimate for the job. While they are there, ask them how they will remove the tree and if they will remove the wood after the tree is down or if you need to do that yourself. In some cases they can remove it, but it may add to the overall cost of the job. Once you have the prices from several companies, you can decide who to go with and schedule a time for them to come and remove the tree.

Removing The Tree

When the company arrives to remove the tree, meet them and make sure that everything you talked about during the estimate process was passed along to the crew doing the work. If they need to bring a bucket truck or crane onto the property, make sure to direct them so that the trucks are not driving over a septic system or something else that could be damaged in the yard, and then step back and let them do the work. While you may want to watch the process, it is important that you stay far enough away from the work area that you do not get hurt if something goes wrong and a tree or a large limb comes down unexpectedly. Once the tree is down, you can go over and talk to the foreman and begin cleaning up the yard. 

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