3 Amazing Things That Can Happen To Your Recycled Restaurant Grease

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As a responsible restaurant owner, you utilize grease traps and grease recycling receptacles to capture and hold grease to be sent to the recycling center. While most restaurant owners know that recycling grease is a responsible thing to do, most have no idea what this grease is used for or why it is so valuable. The fact is, that old grease can be transformed into some pretty insanely valuable resources. Here is a quick look at a short list of ways used restaurant grease can be used once it leaves your place of business. 

1. Recycled grease gets used to generate usable electricity. 

Grease that is left to form bacteria because of age and the natural breakdown process produces something that can have many different purposes: methane gas. Methane gas can be collected from the recycled grease, which is kept in an encouraging environment. This gas can then be used to generate electricity that can be fed to the grid to power homes and businesses. Of course, the process is a lot more complicated than just this, but in the end, grease can definitely become an energy source that is robbing nothing from the environment. 

2. Recycled grease gets used to create jet fuel. 

Take a look up at the sky on any given day, and you will probably see at least a few jets making their way from one place to the next. Jets use a LOT of fuel to transport passengers and make all those trips, but did you know your used grease could be being used to power those jets? Recycled grease can be used to create jet fuel through a biochemical harvesting process that is used to generate a biofuel. With high combustion temperatures and incredible power, this biofuel is in high demand in the airline industry, which explains why recycling grease is something you should always be able to do. 

3. Recycled grease gets used to generate heat. 

Once again, the wonderful ability to capture methane gas from used grease and cooking oil comes into play with creating a heat source. The methane can be transformed into a sort of biodiesel that is used in some types of heat systems. Plus, the grease can also be purified itself and filtered to create a fuel for small stoves and heaters. Some cities make use of the biodiesel to heat things like public facilities and buildings to keep their costs of operation as low as possible. 

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