What A Portable Solar Generator Looks Like On Your Tiny House

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Tiny houses are adorable little houses frequently built onto the backs of flatbed trailers. Because these tiny homes are not built with any intention of remaining stationary for very long, the electricity in these homes often depends upon generators. However, traditional generators are far too large, clunky, and space-consuming. If you are going to build a tiny house, you need a portable generator that is smaller in size and easily attachable or installable in your tiny house. The following options provide insight into what a portable solar generator looks like on your tiny house. 

The Solar Panels Go on the Roof

Custom solar panels made to fit the small roof on your tiny house are never bigger than the length of your roof or the rise and run of your roof. You will have to cut a box shape out of the roof, construct a frame box that secures to the roof, and then install your solar panel. The wiring from the solar panel travels down the length of the wall inside your tiny home to the electrical conversion box and generator itself. Both the conversion box and generator are not much bigger than one or two shoe boxes, and they easily mount to an inside wall.

The Generator and Conversion Box Can Go Inside or Out

Depending on which portable solar generator you buy, the generator itself and the conversion box can attach to the outside wall or the inside wall of your tiny house. The generator and conversion boxes are not that big, but if you want more room inside, you can buy and install a kit safe for outdoor energy collection and use. The wiring runs inside the walls to the outlets and light switches.

The Light Switches and Outlets

In tiny houses, you have to get creative with where you place your outlets and your switches. If your little home is really small, you may only need one main ceiling light for the whole house and one in your bathroom. Larger versions of tiny houses may need a couple more lights. The light switches should all be where it makes the most sense to install them. As for the outlets, you will need to place them in unusual spots so that you can get the electrical wiring to run to the conversion box without too much effort or too much distance. The generator saves on solar power on days when it is not so sunny out.

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